This model was made for a spatial design study at SFU. For the graphic designs, I helped edit and create the title pages and photo corrections. For the physical model, my contribution was the measurements and cutting of all seven floors. I also handcrafted the six staircases for the model.

Our team studied and modeled the Rosenthal Center by Zaha Hadid. We made a precise scale model using the blueprints available for public use in the study of architecture. The model was handcrafted in two weeks with hard cardboard, construction paper, and thin metal wires to represent the windows.
The challenges we faced was the curvature wall on the first floor. We solved the problem by applying a wedge piece and applying pressure to the hot glue for the duration of seven hours.

We made an elegant solution of using separate pieces for the columns and wiring for represent the window placement of the model.
Comparison shots
Interior Shots
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