Susy Hsi is a digital artist who graduated from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology specializing in graphic design and illustrations. She is known for her capabilities of directing a team, mentoring others in development, and creating fast iterations in Photoshop.
My Story

My fascination with digital art started when people shared their creations in the good old days of DeviantArt.

After becoming adept at Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects at Simon Fraser University, I taught myself how to elevate my observational skills and my pen skills to create more advanced illustrations. Later on, I started freelancing in graphic design for startups and app developers. One of my key strengths is that I view programming and art as the same, a way to build my ideas through problem-solving. My methodical thinking led me to my first job experience in the film industry.

During my internship at Sony Imageworks, I became experienced with the VFX pipeline by organizing files with Python and Linux. I rediscovered my passion for matte painting and I gained insight into the technical sides of video editing and visual effects. As I learn digital compositing, I started making art for games as well.

Nowadays, I volunteer my time at Global Game Jam as a founder of Pixel Route, a group that helps game development teams find artists at annual hackathon events. I hope to combine all of these experiences with my digital art to continue making games, shows, and films in the future.

I am currently searching for a full-time job and would love to be a part of a creative team!
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2017 - Winner of the Judge's Choice for Anime Evolution's Mascot Contest
2016 - Winner of MiniComi's Poster Contest
2012 - 3rd Place for IAT445 Immersive Environment Short Film
2010 - Runner-Up for S4 League Item Design Contest
2010 - Top 10 Runner-Up for Gaia Online's zOMG! Splash Screen Contest
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