Susy Hsi is a digital artist who specializing in graphic design and illustrations. Known for being a mentor, director, and founder of Pixel Route.
My Story

Imagine a high-school kid who spent hours after school drawing art on the computer with a mouse, well that was me.

Fortunately, my older sister gave me a drawing tablet soon after. I became interested in programming and art which led me to Media Arts. I taught myself how to draw while learning the software development side at SFU. Applying my skills in Adobe, I started freelancing in graphic design for startups and app developers. One of my key strengths is that I view programming and art as the same, a way to build my ideas through problem-solving. My methodical thinking led me to my first job experience in the film industry.

During my internship at Sony Imageworks, I became experienced with the VFX pipeline by organizing files with Python and Linux. I rediscovered my passion for matte painting and I gained insight into the technical sides of video editing and visual effects. As I continued to learn digital compositing, I started making art for games as well.

Nowadays, I volunteer my time at Global Game Jam as a founder of Pixel Route, a group that helps game development teams find artists at annual hackathon events. I hope to combine all of these experiences with my digital art to continue making games, shows, and films in the future.

I'm always up for being part of a creative and tight-knit team! 
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2017 - Winner of the Judge's Choice for Anime Evolution's Mascot Contest
2016 - Winner of MiniComi's Poster Contest
2012 - 3rd Place for IAT445 Immersive Environment Short Film
2010 - Runner-Up for S4 League Item Design Contest
2010 - Top 10 Runner-Up for Gaia Online's zOMG! Splash Screen Contest
Technical skills: 
Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Ps/Ai/Id), Video Editing (Premiere Pro, After Effects)
Basics in Unity, Maya, Flash, ProTools
Comfortable with Arduino, Processing, Python, Git, Front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS)

Conceptual skills:
Proficient in Digital Illustration, Project Management, Background, Mockups, Graphic Design
Comfortable with UI/UX, Storyboarding, Wireframing, Usertesting
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